Monday, December 08, 2008

An Assault

on my senses. My normal journey to work each morning, involves a trip mainly done on autopilot, where I just have to avoid colissions with various pedestrians, who seem to be expert at stepping into your path. Usually, I can complete this journey without to much effort on my brain, which can be left to its own devices.

However, this morning as I descended into the bowels of Central station, I was greeted by a sea of vomit inducing fuschia. The blood red tiles of Central were still there, but the walls and floor had been taken over to promote Coach Leatherware.

The floors were pink, and most of the walls were black and white apart from pictures of garish shocking ping handbags and purses. In this light everyone's skin took on the complexion of a blancmange.

Fortunately, once I reached the station proper the colours returned to normal.


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