Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The holiday continues

The lack of a recent entry for the trip report is due to the internet being down in the hotel, not from my lack of willingness to write. This is Thailand afterall, and we can not expect 24hour a day internet access.
Sunday evening, and I headed out about eight thirty, and had a very disappointing meal at the open air seafood restaurant near Coyotee’s; the service was mediocre to poor, the food was not inspiring even though it was spicey, but, hey for a couple of hundred Baht, what do you expect?
The original plan was to go to Angelwitch, have a couple of drinks, give K her photos and to move onto somewhere else.. This was a great plan, but of course it didn’t happen like that. A crowd of onlookers blocked Walking Street, watching the filming of a pop video or something. Got totally hacked off by this so I walked through the middle of the set (security was appalling), but I did wait for a pause in the filming. Got into Angelwitch and grabbed a seat and ordered a beer. K was talking to another customer, and I could see she had a drink in front of her, which was fine. A little while later she comes over and sits next to me, explaining that this man was an old friend who buys drinks for anyone. I told her it wasn’t a problem and gave her the photos which she was happy about, showing all her friends. I made the big mistake of buying her a drink then, so of course she is all lovey-dovey. She offers me an out by asking which of the ladies dancing did I think was sexy. Like a total prat, I told her that she was the sexy one – my only excuse, in hindsight was that she was stroking my todger at the time.
As the night wears on, I get more drunk, buying her drinks, etc. and eventually I pay her bar fine and she goes to get changed. I am thinking, “Great, we can get away from here at a decent hour go to a couple of bars have some fun then go back to the hotel for some sanuuk. But it seemed that she had other plans, and found excuses not to leave, like wanting to sell a basket of ping-pong balls, etc. There was a couple of times I thought about cutting my losses and going, but I never did. Finally, all the shows finished and I managed to drag her out of there. Walking along the street and the filming is still going on! K said that she new who the Indian singer was, and that in K’s opinion she smelled. Mmm, it seemed that K was starting to show her true colours.

We ended up at the Country Bar, the one run by her brother, and we had a really good time. I played 5 games of pool, and during one game I even managed to sink three long shots in a row. I ended up winning three of the games I played so felled pretty good. K’s brother comes over and asks something along the lines of “How was the farang in bed last night – pretty useless seeing how pissed he was, right” K was straight on the offensive, telling him I was a fantastic lover who had made her orgasm five times. It was a crock of bull, but made me feel good. Then we got playing connect4, and I was doing pretty well there as well. Very soon it is passed four o’clock in the morning and I tell her I want to go back to the hotel. I pay the check bin and we head up to where the taxis hang out which means we have to walk passed Club Insomnia. K says she wants to go in there, and tell her that it wasn’t happening. She gets all whiney, and says she only wants to go in there for a short while, and I old her if she wanted to go there she could go there on her own, but I want to go with you, she says. I told her I was going back to the hotel, no questions, no negotiating, full stop, she could either get in a taxi with me or she could go and do what she wanted on her own.
Anyway we go back to the hotel and she is all sweetness and light, letting me take some more photos of her.

She had probably had a few too many drinks, because she was really adventurous in bed, and as a result the sex was, for me pretty damned steamy.
I woke early and woke K at the same time, although we stayed in bed for a while longer, I did manage to get her out of the apartment at a reasonable time.
Monday was very uneventful day, mostly taken up with a two hour foot massage in the Bamboo Massage Parlour not far from the north end of Walking Street. When I went in it was fairly quiet and we were all have a good bit of banter going on, you know the sort of chit chat foiled with harmless innuendo that goes on in these places. Towards the end, whilst the girl was working on my neck and shoulders, the place starts to fill up, and this huge American sits in the chair next to me. He looks across at what the girl is doing to me, and asks what I am having done. I felt a bit silly telling him I was having a foot massage, but we all saw the funny side of it.
The rest of the day was uneventfully filled with beer and food.
In the evening I planned to go out and stay clear of Angelwitch, and my resolve held. I started off the evening very low key with some food at a place I can’t remember the name of, which shows how remarkable the food was!
Wandered on to Walking Street, and the bloody film crew is still there, blocking the path of everyone, so I cut down one of the alleys. I thought about going to Diamond a gogo, as I hear there are some stunners there. Problem is, I couldn’t find the way in!
Carried on wandering around, with none of the bars appealing to me, and I found myself dangerously close to Angelwitch, so I popped into Secrets, which was quite busy. Got chatting to P, a half Thai/Chinese girl, who spoke good English, but had one of those high pitched giggles that really gets on my nerves. Really nice face and body, good conversation, and the by now, infamous “I have a degree in marketing” claim; so, I buy her a drink. Everything is going fine, and then she says she needs to talk to her friend. She goes over to talk to another girl who is sat next to this guy, and blow me two minutes later they are all off upstairs together. As I sat there drinking my beer, another girl came over to chat, but, she was a real woofer.
After another beer, I left. Wandered into the next Soi, and was dragged into another gogo, the name escapes me, but, I thought it ws going to be a waste of time. Four girls, of which one was shaggable, lazily shuffling there feet on the stage. One was even picking her nose! I planned to stay for one drink, when all of a sudden the girls started to get all excited. One of the younger girls, who was there to drag customers in had taken all her clothes off, she then proceeded to streak around the bar, flicking water from a glass on the walls, floor and on the path outside the gogo. I felt that such gumption meant that she had a bit of character, so I bought her a drink. S didn’t have such good English, but came from Changmai and had a fit body, nice face. We are getting on fine, when all of a sudden she ups and goes to sit next to another customer, who has bought her a drink! Tonight is looking like it will turn into a disaster. I was thinking to myself that I would try one more place, and if struck out there I would head to Angelwitch. The place I decided to try was Sisters, mainly because of one of the girls had a placard outside which said “More fun than Blackpool in November”. This grabbed my attention, and made me wander. I have never been to Blackpool in November, but imagine a windswept Lancashire beach, then of course there is the illuminations, so it might be OK.
When I first went in there I didn’t hold out much hope for the place. There was a long stage in three sections. At the far end was the show stage with a sort of climbing frame set up and chains hanging from the ceiling. A couple of girls were dancing there. The next part of the stage was a turntable with three girls doing their thing – I later found out that this section can also raise up another metre or so. The section nearest the door was just a few poles with a handful of girls doing the gogo shuffle. At first glance, none of the girls appealed to me. As I sat there nursing my beer three of the girls came and sat on the bench near me, and they were having a bit of sanook together. One of them a tiny little thing kept smiling at me, so I gave in and bought her a drink. She probably didn’t have any more English than “What’s your name?” and “Where you from?”, but she was fun and could talk well enough with her hands and body. Soon it was time for her to take a turn on the stage, after that she came back with her friend and sat on my lap. She obviously had a problem because she had to go to the toilet a couple of times, I asked her friend if she was OK, and it seemed that she had a poorly stomach. Well, I didn’t want to end up with someone who was going to spend the night crouched over a toilet, so I started talking to her friend, and bought her a drink. J’s English was a little better, and she had a slightly nicer body, so, bar fine paid, costs agreed and we head up to get a taxi. The taxi driver wanted two hundred baht to take us to the hotel, and J thought this was too much and said something to the driver who said something back, which J didn’t like, so I quickly butted in in my pigeon Thai and we agreed a price of hundred and fifty baht. I was getting worried that the driver was taking the wrong route, but we got back to the hotel in one piece, and at a reasonable time, as well.

So, we are still having problems with the internet at the hotel, because of this it could be a long post especially if they don’t get it fixed until Saturday, but if that’s the case I could very well take my ‘puter to Secrets and use their free wireless.
I went in there this afternoon and Larry came over and introduced himself. He seems like a top bloke and told me about a party they are having this evening. We will have to see if I make it there or not.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The night I fell in love with a gogo dancer!

I headed out last evening, down to Walking Street. At that stage I wasn't really hungry, so I thought I would grab something at a food stall later on. Wandering around I soon found myself sitting down in Angelwitch.
Almost as soon as I sat down I was hit upon by this dancer in a red outfit, nice body, but her face let her down big time, so I let her go off and dance.
Very soon another girl came to sit next to me, K was a little bit pompoi, but in all the right places. We got chatting and were having a good laugh with the waitresses. If I remember it was to do with the flashlights the waitresses had, and comparing them to the men's tools they like. "Oh look she likes small ones", "She likes fat ones", and of course one of the girls had a black flashlight which caused much hilarity.
After the second show Ibar fined K and we went off to the Rolling Stones 2 bar, where I managed to grab some very mediocre chicken and pork sticks off a food stall. Its a shame because the guy really looked like he knew what he was doing. After a game of pool, we headed off to another bar - God knows where, but somewhere off Walking Street. Where K had one of those arab pipe things, and we were generally mucking around for half an hour or so before we headed back to the hotel, for a night of ... well I will leave that to your imagination.
As i said K, was nicely pompoi. I told her that I liked a bit of sauce with my chicken. Like most girls these days she sprted a tramp stamp, and she also had a scar from when she was small where they had put hot wax under the skin on her shoulder - why do they do that?
She had a really nice personality, and will I go see her again - well, who knows?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

And the good luck continues....

When I presented my boarding card to get on the plane, the girl at the gate said that they had re-assigned me to a different seat, on the upper deck in business class. OK, it was too early in the morning to make full use of the free champagne, etc. but, at least I was treated to another serving of dimsum and some half decent coffee, plus I got off the plane quicker than I would have done if I was in row 57, that I was originally assigned to.
So a quick walk to the nearest available smoking room, to top up my nicotine levels. Then, on to immigration. Trust my luck to get the conscientious immigration official. Two people in the queue ahead of me got intensely scrutinised before being hauled off to the 'special' counter. When he saw all the Thailand Immigration stamps in my passport he looked even closer ( I think he may have mistaken the Indonesian ones for Thai, as they are very similar). Finally he asked how long I was staying so I told him and showed him my return ticket and he let me through.
By now, my suitcase was waiting for me, so I whizzed through customs and jumped in an airport limousine to Pattaya. The journey south was uneventful, they do seem to have made some progress on the highway, but its still pretty rough. I got to the hotel and didn't expect to be allowed to check in, until later, but they were kind, so soon I was in my suite. But not for long, as after I changed I headed down to Pattaya Beach.
First on my list of tbhings was a plate of pad-kaprow gai washed down with a couple of Singhas. Very tasty indeed, and the cute/shy waitress was flirting outrageously. Then a quick stroll round to Soi Post Office for a foot massage. The girl in there was trying very hard to persuade me to go round the back for an oil massage, but I was having none of it. After an hour, I headed to the Bodega cafe for a couple of sun downers before heading back to the apartment.
So, I am settling in well. Now its time for a shower before I head out for an evening's jollification.

I have a good feeling...

... about the week ahead, I really think I am going to enjoy it. I have a week off work and have decided to spend it in Pattaya. Got the accommodation and flight sorted and the rest will surely fall into place. I am not going to have Peanut in tow this time which will be different, but hopefully cheaper.

It was an early start this morning, to catch the 9 o’clock flight, but a taxi was easy to find, and as we drove to Hong Kong Station every traffic light turned green in front of us. I said to the taxi driver, that with this luck, he should buy a lotto ticket, as he would surely be a winner.

I got to the airport just in time to pop into the Cathay lounge for some dimsum, then off to the smoking lounge for a quick cigarette before heading to the boarding gate, where I am now, about to get on the flight.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wonderful World of Wallydom

So, the Sex Pistols are to play a one off concert in London in November to mark the 30th Anniversary of the release of Never Mind the Bollocks. At the same time four of their singles are to be reissued:- God Save the Queen, Anarchy in the UK, Pretty Vacant and Holidays in the Sun will be re-released on vinyl (has anyone got a record player?).
NME is running a campaign to get God Save the Queen to number one in the UK charts.
One of may favourite comments by John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten came in a recent Wired interview, where he says:"Punk, when it started out -- we were open for everything from anyone all the time. It very, very quickly mellowed into this tragic misrepresentation of studded leather jackets and arseholes spitting left, right and center and being rude for the sake of it. The wonderful world of Wallydom".
That about somes up the Sex Pistols for me.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wanchai Weekend Warrior

After I got home yesterday, I lay down for an hour or so, then had a shower and felt like a million dollars. Having no food in the apartment, I decided to head to Lan Kwai Fong for some food. I couldn't get near the Bulldog Bar because of some Canadian society party, so I headed to the piece and quiet of the back bar at Bar George, where I started on the reasonably priced Heineken.
How nice it was to sit at the bar, supping a cold pint and smoking. Another pint quickly followed, and, of course, I completely forgot to order any food. After about four pints, the girls started to turn up there, which put me in the mind to head down to Wanchai, so I jumped in a taxi and headed down to Neptune II.
It was still quite early so i was able to get a seat at the bar. Quickly I was approached by a pretty young thing, who started to chat me up, but I wasn't really attracted to her. I turned around and two Thai firls hat sat next to me. The one on my immediate right was a double-bagger, but her friend seemed very pleasant. Quickly we rearranged our seats so I was sat next to G, the prettier of the two.
The story she span me was that she had taken a fortnight's holiday from work and come to Hong Kong to get a large some of money together, and I can't remember the reason why she wwanted this money. After buying her and her friend a few drinks, I suggested that we head back to my apartment, so the negotiations began, her starting price was HKD3,500 - I nearly fell off my stool, either from shock or laughter. Eventually we agreed a price that was far more reasonable, and headed off in a taxi.
In bed she was not very experienced, or a very good actor at not being experienced, but that was good because she was willing to try many more things to make me happy; which she did a few times. There was definitely some confusion in her mind, because she kept on getting mixed up with G the name she had told me and Sassy, so at the end of it all I don't know what her name is.
So today will be a boring day with shopping for food, laundry, ironing and stuff. Maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty in chucking G out this morning, I could have got her to do some of the work.

Friday, September 14, 2007

"Please hold the handrail and mind the step"

What music to my ears, to hear that announcement. Having been away from Hong Kong for four weeks I new I had arrived home.

There were very few highlights to the trip, and many disappointments. This has strengthened my resolve to try and make my life in Asia. Some of the highlights: visitting old friends and renewing acquaintances, drinking real ale, meeting up with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi (Status Quo) in the business class lounge at Heathrow Airport, going to see a stage production of Stomp!, drinking real ale, going to see the ex and the kids, and drinking real ale.

Some of the disappointments were 5 quid for 1/2 litre of beer in Copenhagen, British Airways cancelling my flight from Copenhagen to the UK, getting a flat tyre on the hire car and finding the spare was useless, 5 pounds 60p for a packet of ciggies, not being able to smoke anywhere,

One of the surprises was my daughter, who is now 12 years old. Me and my ex seperated when she was very young and my ex soon re-married, So both my kids see him as Dad, whereas I am just an 'uncle' who visits every now and again. Now she is 12, K is going through the stage where she knows absolutely everything, and is always right. She was telling me about her super mobile phone, and asked what I had, so I told her that it was a boring old Nokia. Shortly after my phone went off, and when she saw it she was very impressed, "Thats not a boring, old Nokia, that's one of their best phones!" Soon she was trying to transfer all sorts of files via bluetooth, which left her mum gobsmacked. "How can she do that when she doesn't have your phone number?" Mum asks.

I don't know whether to be worried or amazed that a twelve year old girl knows all the mobile phone models.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I know that posting has been non-existant for a while, but have been tied up in Europe (no, I haven't got into S+M).
Won't be back in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks yet.
I hadn't realised how expensive Europe has become, e.g. a half litre of beer in Copenhagen HKD75, a packet of cigarettes in the UK HKD90.
The weather is shite too!